• Netvibes

    Maurice Svay, lead designer at Netvibes, approached Veerle Pieters to see if she was interested in skinning Netvibes. Netvibes felt that she needed to do what some clients call "Veerlify" or "Veerlize" their site. :) They specifcally asked Veerle to use her typical style: colorful elegancy. Read about the story behind the design on Veerle's blog.

    • Design

    What the client had to say

    “Named after its author's name, Veerle Pieters, this theme shows nice rounded modules and elegant new tabs. Veerle did an amazing job by pushing the limits of Netvibe's skinnability. The result is an exclusive theme showing her talent and style.”

    —Tariq Krim, Founder of Netvibes