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    Devia was founded in august of 2008 by Stefaan Lesage, bringing his 10 years of experience in Software Development using Delphi into the Company. As an active podcaster he also has over 2 years of experience in New Media Technologies. Duoh! created the logo, stationery, and web site.

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    What the client had to say

    “As a new company, we contacted Duoh! and asked to create a Company Identity for us. We didn't have all to many suggestions ourselves, but we wanted a certain look and feel which we could use in our business cards, invoices, correspondence and of course our Website, but the first assignment was to create a Logo. Veerle got back to use with a few suggestions and we decided to go with the logo which you can see on our website. After a few suggestions and adaptations we finally agreed on a logo, and from that point on Veerle builded our Corporate Brand, and started to work on our WebSite. When I showed the first prototype of our website to a few colleagues and friends, they all seemed to agree with us : Veerle and the team at Duoh! did a great job. Everything has a certain style and a specific look and feel, which we could never have achieved without the creative minds at Duoh!”

    —Stefaan Lesage, CEO Devia