Xtreak, Inc

posted by Veerle Pieters
22 June 2008

Xtreak, Inc. is a boutique IT services firm founded in 1999 as Burnadisc Corp. by a team of people dedicated to making it easier to acquire large files online.

They are devoted to lowering the costs associated with online file delivery. Xtreak is located in the Silicon Valley since inception, mere feet away from the backbone of the internet. With the ability to offer unthrottled bandwidth to transfer files of various sizes at the highest possible speeds.

Logo Design Brief

Our client wanted a logo that represented speed, easy and and fun. The feelings that the service, an online storage and delivery product should provoke. The target audience was Internet and mobile connected users from 8 - 80. The logo will be used on an online software product and consumer retail packaging in stores. We didn't receive word on what kind of colors we could use and how many. The marketing message will state “why flash when you can xtreak” and may or may not be incorporated into the logo.

Some logo design ideas

From the start we felt that the X should be the eye-catcher in this identity. This way the 'X' can also be used when our client launches sub products so that people recognize its part of the Xtreak brand. Below you'll see some of the ideas that we worked out.

Some logo design ideas
Final proposals

Version one, uses a distinct "X" element, and I wanted it to have the feeling of "big" files, and robust storage & delivery, but still simple and clean (easy to use).

Proposal one of the Xtreak logo

Version two focuses more on the "transfer" aspect, also with a distinct "X" element that could be used for when the X(product) family gets launched.

Proposal two of the Xtreak logo

Both of these were designed by our trusted design partner Mark Bixby. We love working with Mark because he is 'the bomb'. Unfortunately Mark got an offer he couldn't refuse (and we couldn't top it) so he is now performing his design skills at Facebook. We miss you Mark! The client finally decided to go for version one.

What we did

Brand design, consulting, graphic design, and style guide development.


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