SXSWi 2009

posted by Veerle Pieters
23 March 2009

We are just back from another wonderful South by Southwest Interactive, a yearly meetup of like-minded people. It is always a bittersweet feeling to leave Austin after a week of geeking out.

SXSWi 09

SXSWi 09

Southby has been growing year by year and just when you thought it would slow down due to the economic crisis it even got bigger. This year the sessions expanded even throughout the Hilton hotel because there wasn't any room left in the big Austin convention center.

From what I learned attendance was up by 20%. Big means harder to talk to all friends but we still actually managed to have some good times along the way. Choosing what to see was quite a challenge as there where 14 tracks running at the same time to choose from. Geert and I only went to a few of them as Southby is all about the people. We wandered the floors at the convention center to meet some interesting new people.

My talk at Southby

Last year I decided not to speak and just relax instead. This year however I got the opportunity to be joined by some very good friends of mine to do a talk about color in a session called: Color Angels, Episode 1: Colors: It's Not Black and White. I was joined on stage by Cindy Li and Leslie Jensen-Inman.

What is it about?

Exploring the challenges in color combinations as a key to successful website designs. Advice on what tools you'll need in your arsenal to be inspired. Navigating through cultural and accessibility differences in color and showcasing some of the best uses of color the web has to offer. In case you are interested you can read a full report on my blog where I highlight all the content and where you can download the slides as well.


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