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posted by Geert Leyseele
16 December 2008

One of the more fun projects that we did this year was designing Scroll Magazine for the smart folks of Web Directions.

Logo design brief

This project started with the creation of a logo for the magazine. The idea of Scroll Magazine was to be a collectable 64 pages magazine for people who love web design and who are intrigued by the endless possibilities of the web. Each edition of Scroll will be tied into a Web Directions conference. The content of Scroll would be articles and stories by web designers, developers and thinkers, detailed conference session descriptions and speaker bios, micro articles/mini photo essays relating to web life, and sponsor advertising. Scroll is a magazine that has to evoke a feeling of excitement. It should be beautiful, elegant, timeless and sophisticated.


It's a magazine for web designers and developers looking to learn the very latest, and quite sophisticated, thinking on web techniques and technologies, as well as visions for the future of the web.

Look and feel

On the question to describe the look and feel using adjectives or short phrases, our client mentioned: timeless/classic, elegant, minimal, concise, sophisticated, warm, lush, luxurious, tasteful, graceful, refined, and collectable.

Logo design process

You can read a complete write up of the design process over at Veerle's blog. You'll see the early sketches and watch it grow until the final result.

Final logo
Scroll logo final result

The magazine

We had the idea to create a magazine that was timeless/classic, elegant, minimal, concise,... The total amount of pages that we had to create was 64.

Technical details
  • Cover and inside pages all in full color (quadri/CMYK)
  • Dimensions of magazine: 210 mm wide x 245 mm high
  • Binding: perfect bound
  • Thickness of spine: to be seen later
  • Use bleed of 5 mm
  • Files delivered as Certified PDF file: inside pages and cover plus spine as 2 separate PDF files
  • Source files Adobe InDesign CS3
The design process

If you are interested in how the magazine came to life I recommend that you go over to Veerle's blog where she covers this process from the inspiration till end result. It's all there, grids, typefaces, ideas etc.

Scroll magazine
Scroll magazine

Buy, follow and view

You can buy Scroll, or follow Scroll on Twitter or see some photos on Flickr.

Next Issue

You won't have to wait that long until the next issue of Scroll will be available. Scroll Magazine number 2 will be released along side the Web Directions North conference scheduled to go live in February 2009 and take place in Denver, Colorado. If you are interested in attending you can click the banner below.

Web Direction North 2009


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