posted by Veerle Pieters
23 July 2007

Time to share a fun project that we been working on. I'm talking about the illustration theme I've created for a Flex-based web application called Scrapblog. For those who don't know Scrapblog yet, it's a way to create multimedia scrapbooks of your photos, videos, audio, and text.

Ideal for people who want to share photos and videos with family and friends in a fun way. It's really cool to play with, so check it out!

The job description

Months ago Mike Gowen from Scrapblog contacted me to ask me if I was interested in designing a Scrapblog theme in the same style as the header illustration on my blog. One theme consists of 3 to 5 backgrounds, patterns, photo frames, stickers and sample pages. Everything needed to be vector-based and scalable.

Scrapblog 'Girl On The Go' theme

The theme, the inspiration

They gave me the freedom to pick a subject I like, but it was obvious that I would go for a 'girl' theme. I was thinking about designing a theme for a girl or woman who is traveling to cities all over the world. She is a busy girl with a tight schedule. Her travels are often related to her work etc. So I decided to create backgrounds of city skylines starting with Paris, New York and a generic city skyline doing a day and night version of each. Scrapblog decided to give this theme the title 'Girl On The Go' which I think suits perfectly.

Scrapblog 'Girl On The Go' theme

The stickers

If you have checked out Scrapblog, you'll see that the so called stickers are crucial elements to dress up your pages. My stickers consist mostly of girls in different poses, outfits and activities or action. Most of the work went into drawing these girls. Other stickers were trees, benches, lanterns, light beams, sun, moon, stars and clouds.

Scrapblog 'Girl On The Go' theme

Some of the process revealed

For those who wonder about the process of this illustration work. There wasn't much sketching involved. I only sketched parts of an illustration that I had trouble with. These were mostly hands. What I usually do is taking a picture of my hands in the correct position and use that as a source. Further then that I use images from Google as my main source for the city skylines and such. I try to mix them with a bit of my own interpretation and fantasy.

Scrapblog 'Girl On The Go' theme - sketches

Follow up work

The current implemented theme shows only part of what I created so far. I've been designing more backgrounds of other places: Brussels (how could I not do one of my own country), London, Rome, Cairo/Egypt, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, Agra/India and Tokyo. I've also created another set of stickers and a set of avatars. As far as I know these haven't been implemented yet. Thought I show you a sneak peak:

Scrapblog 'Girl On The Go' theme Scrapblog 'Girl On The Go' theme Scrapblog 'Girl On The Go' theme - avatars

More themes

This was one of the projects I had most fun with. It didn't feel like working really :) I'm planning on doing more theme work for Scrapblog when time permits.

What we did

Concept and graphic design.


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