Opera Web Standards Curriculum

posted by Geert Leyseele
14 August 2008

A few weeks ago the Opera Web Standards Curriculum (WSC) was launched. This is a wonderful initiative that aims to provide a free course for anyone who needs a thorough introduction to the web and how to create standards-based and accessible websites.

Wide array of topics

The WSC consists of a large number of articles covering topics, including the history of the web, graphic design for the web, HTML, CSS, and accessibility. The editor, Chris Mills has brought together a bunch of talented people that already contributed more than 20 courses.

Finally a resource for starters

Every week we receive a lot of mail (via Veerle's blog) from starting web designers asking for advice where to start learning about modern web design and development. Until now we missed such a resource as the WSC to refer people to. Now we finally have a place! The best thing of this all is that the entire course is Creative Commons licensed to allow universities, companies, and other organisations to use it freely.

Supporting the Opera Web Standards Curriculum: Learn to build a better Web with Opera

So if you know someone who needs to catch up with web standards refer them to the Opera Web Standards Curriculum (WSC) and help in making the web a better place.



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