NetSquared N2Y3

posted by Geert Leyseele
15 May 2008 is a site that helps nonprofits and similar organizations network and use technology to support their cause. NetSquared helps organizations by helping them utilize social tools such as wikis, blogs, and networks.

Our working relation with TechSoup, a project of CompuMentor started way back in 2006 when created the Net2 identity. You can read about that on Veerle's blog. Veerle also wrote about the process behind the initial website that we created for Net2.


Almost a year later it was time to give the website a significant update and launch the realignment right before the N2Y3 conference. The focus of this update was to address the two main audiences and make it more simple for those audiences to find what they need on the site:

  • The new-comer who wants to know what netsquared is all about – the links/buttons to “Who we are”, “What we do” and “how to contribute” are addressing this need
  • The returning visitor who would like to more easily navigate directly to a specific area of the site – the left sidebar and the navigation items in this sidebar are addresssing this need

With all this information in hand we putted our little heads together and started working on a fresh design. Clarity, hierarchy, and other elements of good design were our guidelines like always. When the design was finalized we constructed valid semantically CSS/(X)HTML templates ready to be implemented into Drupal, the OpenSource CMS from Belgium.


What we did

Graphic design, user interface design, and CSS/(X)HTML template development.


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