posted by Veerle Pieters
27 August 2008

MyAmerica is an initiative of the U.S. Embassy Brussels that aims to explore the many ways around the world that U.S. and Belgian citizens interconnect. From the arts to technology, sports to education, Belgians and Americans have created a network of ties that enlighten, teach, enliven, and change the world in positive ways. aims to illuminate these efforts through creative interviews, articles, and direct conversation with their users. To achieve all this the U.S. Embassy of Brussels contacted Duoh! to create a fresh Internet presence for their newest project. After some careful research we started prototyping a clean, functional site that would fit the target audience.

wireframe for homepage

The wireframe stage of our proposal for the homepage


With the wireframes phase out of the way we moved into the design stage. Before venturing into Photoshop we already got a good understanding of what the actual content would be and that helped us a lot in translating this into a design. The result is a cohesive and engaging experience that helps in bounding the two countries together.

final design

What we did

IA & wireframing, graphic design, and CSS/(X)HTML template development.


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