Logo design for SLV-Rent

posted by Geert Leyseele
10 September 2008

SLV-Rent specializes in sound and light rental for events, trade-shows, concerts, and parties. Their trademark is to make each event a truly unique experience combined with a personal service.

Logo Design Brief

This logo will be the company logo, to appear on business cards, website, invoices, price quotes, company trucks, and on their new industrial building that hopefully will be finished in 2009. We didn't get any specific guidelines if the client preferred a symbol over a logotype or which colors to use. The only guideline that we received was that it had to be projectable with the help of their special lightning equipment.

Some logo design ideas

Like on many logo projects we worked in tandem with Mark Bixby to create some good proposals to show to the client.

Proposal 1

After showing this proposal to the client we got the feedback that the logo didn't needed to be too party like because they do a lot more than just supplying sound and light for parties.

Logo idea 1
Proposal 2

With the previous feedback still fresh in our minds we took things back to the drawing board and came up with these:

Logo idea 2
Proposal 3
Logo idea 3
Final logo

Like I mentioned earlier we worked together with Mark so he created the previous proposals, but in the end the client decided to go for a proposal that was created by Veerle Pieters. The design process started with an 'S' shape and took experimenting until something came up just right.

Final logo for SLV-Rent

What we did

Brand design, consulting, and style guide development.


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