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27 January 2009 was founded in 2003 by Austin Jackson and develops software products that facilitate the measurement, analysis, and improvement of student behavior. is committed to improving the lives of students and educators through the application of scientifically validated techniques.

The logo design brief

The first thing that we always do when designing a logo is trying to understand the product or the services that will be offered. In this case it involves discipline. is a web-based service that replaces traditional paper discipline referrals. It automates reporting, communication with parents, and communication among school staff about student behavior. The Great Behavior Game – a free, web-based service that helps teachers reward appropriate behavior and academic achievement.

The organization’s mission is to bring about data-based decision making in education by making student data easy to access and analyze. The primary focus is the application of Applied Behavior Analysis methodology to the school setting, which emphasizes the use of data (visually displayed as charts) to make decisions about student behavior. The site will grow into a resource for educators to use to find information about behavior management (which is where the name comes from). Accessible behavioral science” is our general theme. It is a reference site as well as a storefront for our products and services.

On the topic of typefaces the client mentioned:

Don't use Comic Sans. I am open to nearly any typeface, but have a preference towards sans-serif fonts.


Education professionals: administrators, principals, teachers, guidance counselors, behavior analysts, and school psychologists.

Look and feel

When we discussed the look and feel for the logo our client mentioned these guidelines:

All of the icons for our products have been designed using the Tango Icon Guidelines. I like the color palette and the style. The logo does not, by any means, need to follow those guidelines or the palette – it is just an example of a style I really like. Please avoid the use of apples in the logo. The education market is completely saturated with them.

Sketches and thinking process

What we often do before we think about shapes and graphical elements etc. is writing down keywords that come to mind. We wrote down: education, school, book, satchel, brain, teacher, student, graduation,... After this short brain storm session, we both start doodling. The most obvious keyword for us was the word 'book' since this word is also in the name. So we doodled books in all kinds of positions and angles.

early sketches
Proposal 1

At first we played only with the idea of using a book as icon. One of the ideas was to encapsulate it into a circle.

Proposal 2

The 2nd proposal differs from all other design styles because of its realistic 3D illustrative style. The central idea was to create a 'magical' handbook hence the clouds and stars. Still, we made sure a transformation into a black & white version was still possible.

Proposal 3

We thought that using a book as icon was good, but it didn't not really convey the message of education as well. So we tried to think of ways how we could add this into the icon. Drawing the book from another angle was one of the ideas we came up. This way we turned the book into a satchel as well.

Proposal 4

Then we though of the typical hat that gets associated with graduation (in the US). To keep the distinction between the hat and the book, so both remain recognizable, we played with 2 different colors.

Client feedback

Our client wondered how it would look if it should it read rather than just handbook. It might be better (if it works with the design) to have the ”.com” added as part of the logo. This seemed like a good idea so we worked out a final proposal.

Final logo

How it looks in use on the web site

It is always a satisfying feeling when everything comes together nicely. Below you'll see the logo in use on the new web site.

Logo in use on the new Web site

What we did

Brand design and consulting


  1. 1 Jamie Pears Wed Jan 28, 2009 at 03.28 pm

    It is always very interesting to walk through the design process from brief to acceptance of a final product. These write-ups are my favorite kind of posts. Please keep them coming as they are much appreciated :)

  2. 2 Martin Thu Jan 29, 2009 at 03.15 pm

    Nice post, Veerle. I like your sketches :)

  3. 3 Isaac Barron Sat Jan 31, 2009 at 04.05 am

    The way you focus on the design process is quite inspiring veerle since you take into account a lot of important subjects… like the audience and what you want to express even if it is a minimalist design.

    Good job

  4. 4 dawood Sun Feb 1, 2009 at 08.29 pm

    I like your Proposal 1 the most, i almost hate the glossy things now, may be we have seen alot.

    But still good concepts and design..

  5. 5 Omair Rais Fri Feb 13, 2009 at 09.02 am

    Thanks this is very useful and helpful.

  6. 6 Heather Kyle Mon Mar 2, 2009 at 04.44 pm

    Thank you for sharing the process of your logo design. I agree with Jamie. I always enjoy seeing each of the steps from the initial design concept to the final product.

  7. 7 Strona Startowa Thu Mar 19, 2009 at 02.43 am

    The logo is nice and looks good on the page.
    But the site is not pretty.