Logo design for Calculon

posted by Geert Leyseele
04 July 2008

Calculon specializes in advanced network solutions, including custom devices, high performance network appliances, and specialty networks. When networking requirements get too complicated or specialized, Calculon can tailor a solution to your specific needs.

Calculon's services run the range from developing software on your behalf, to supporting existing custom network infrastructure, to developing custom network application devices to achieve a specific end result.

Logo Design Brief

The logo will be the company logo, to appear on business cards, website, report front pages, and most correspondence. The client didn't specify any colors and he preferred a symbol over a logotype. The company sells into large suit and tie companies and requires a certain level of restraint, but the client also wanted to stand out. He also preferred to trend towards the eye catching side of things since it isn't an old established business but still young and dynamic.

Some logo design ideas

Once we gathered the research, we started brainstorming and sketching out ideas. Below you'll see some examples that got worked out in Adobe Illustrator.

Proposal 1

This one and proposal 2 were designed by our trusted design partner Mark Bixby. We love working with Mark because he is 'the bomb'. Unfortunately Mark got an offer he couldn't refuse (and we couldn't top it) so he is now performing his design skills at Facebook. We miss you Mark!

Some logo ideas for Calculon
Proposal 2
Some logo ideas for Calculon
Proposal 3

Proposal 3 and the final chosen logo are created by Veerle.

Some logo ideas for Calculon
Final logo

The client decided to go for this version. You can view a glimpse of the business card and style guide in our portfolio.

Final logo for Calculon

What we did

Brand design, consulting, and style guide development.


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