ExpressionEngine 2.1 is out!

posted by Veerle Pieters
15 July 2010

I've been so busy with working on a client's iPhone application (that is now submitted to Apple) that I totally missed the release of ExpressionEngine 2.1 a few days ago. This release marks the end of the public beta period and version 2.0.2pb01 that I am using to power this blog. The public beta was an interesting 7 month journey.

ExpressionEngine reaches 2.1

We really can't believe that it’s been over two years since we were working hard to get the first glimpse of ExpressionEngine 2 ready for a sneak preview at SXSWi. For the readers that didn't follow this journey, Duoh! helped the fine folks at Ellislab to redesign the control panel for this new version.

Is it ready?

The design and development journey of Veerle's blog has been a long one too. In that time I've used a few builds of the public beta with great satisfaction. Yes, there have been a few small bugs along the way, but nothing major that set me back or anything. I think my blog doesn't qualify as a simple EE site, so I can say with a hand on my heart that EE 2 is now in its final form, and ready for you to take it out for a spin. I've not looked at what changed exactly in this 2.1 version, and that is the reason why I didn't update my blog yet. Another reason is this statement by Leslie Camacho on the EE blog:

Important! If you are using Third Party Add-ons, make sure they are compatible with ExpressionEngine 2.1 before you update, otherwise your site may break.

Don't want to risk breaking my blog as I am using a few of those. I'll need to check compatibility of the following:

  • Short 'n Tweet
  • Word Limiter
  • NSM Live Look

ExpressionEngine reaches 2.1 and Ellislab also updated the design of their web site.

New web site

In addition to the release of EE 2.1, Ellislab also updated the design of their web site. Everything is more streamlined, and they consolidated resources. The new community page is an effort to make sure that people new to EE get all the information that is available in our lively community. Looking around this page seems to confirm that this is a great starting point as everything is there to get you started. Nicely done! The site was a joint effort by Jesse, Simon, Jason, and Ryan.

New Forums

The new forum now has a clean slate, and everything is geared towards supporting the new EE 2. Support has always been a big plus in the EE community, and this restructuring will help make things less confusing. Still using 1.6.9? Don’t worry, the old forums are still online too but they’re just archived and read-only.

30-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Another important new addition is the new 30-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee! This way you can purchase ExpressionEngine to try in your own environment and simply return it within 30 days for a full refund if it doesn’t work out (Refund Policy).

Exciting times ahead, and I am looking forward to update the public beta to EE 2.1 on my blog. I'm sure this milestone marked a major sigh of relief at Ellislab. Many congratulations to Rick Ellis, Leslie Camacho, Derek Allard, Derek Jones, and all rest of this fantastic crew.


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