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posted by Veerle Pieters
22 October 2010

If you’re not a designer or coder, creating an email template can feel a little intimidating. Luckily there are smart companies out there that think of these issues and come out with client friendly solutions. Mailchimp is such company and we designed some templates for their service.

Mailchimp helps you become a design rockstar

Mailchimp asked myself and a bunch of other talented designers to create a NEWSLETTER, PRODUCT, and EVENT template for them so that they could release a set of premium designer templates for their clients. Sending your content in one of these designs is a bit like sporting an Armani suit. MailChimp users with a paid account will get to try each and every template on for size in the Premium section of the campaign designer at no extra cost. You’re going to look sharp!

Test drive them today

You don't need to know a thing about design or programming to use them. Just plug in your content and you're all set. And the best part? They're completely free for all MailChimp customers with paid accounts. Go look and be prepared to loose a bit of time in deciding which one you are going to use as there is much beauty to behold.

Newsletter template Product template Event template


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