EECI2009, the first ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter Conference

posted by Veerle Pieters
07 September 2009

In October I'll be traveling to Leiden, The Netherlands. Never been there but apparently the city is famous for its almshouses, university, museums and glorious history - and the spirit of the Golden Age lives on here. This is a place where Rembrandt was born and inspired so many other influential painters.

I'll be speaking at the conference

I'm excited to announce that I'll be speaking at this first European ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter Conference. The conference is scheduled to take place on October 22-23, Leiden, The Netherlands. Looking at the speaker list it feels a bit intimidating that there is so much developer talent scheduled and that I'll be the lonely designer outside her familiar habitat ;)

EECI2009, the first ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter Conference

Conference Schedule

The first day of the conference will be packed with talks from some really great minds in the community. The ExpressionEngine team will be represented by Leslie Camacho and Derek Allard. I'm also excited to finally talk to Simon Collison again because I think we last met years ago at @Media. Simon was one of the people that got me excited about ExpressionEngine after being a pMachine user myself. There are more fine folks on the list so this will be an interesting experience for me. Second day will be filled with nine different workshops to help you fine tune your ExpressionEngine or CodeIgniter skills.

Designing and using the new EE 2.0 (beta) interface

My talk will be about the work we did on the design for the EE 2.0 (beta) interface. Get to know the full design process behind the new ExpressionEngine 2.0 (beta) GUI. Find out why and how certain design decision were made. What was the thinking process to come up with an interface that meets the expectations of hardcore developers as well as beginners, clients and designers. All followed up with a practical hands on example of how to use this fabulous new version seen through a designer's eye.

5x1 free tickets + 25% incentive discount

Go to my personal blog to win free tickets for this conference or to register with a 25% discount. Instructions are published in the article.


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