Crea Printing Industries

posted by Veerle Pieters
26 March 2008

The printing industry is changing and Crea wanted a future proof Internet presence so that's why they approached Duoh! with the task to create a CMS driven multilingual website. On top of all that, there were also some tough decisions to be made in to what content should be brought online.

Crea Printing Industries website

Bring the content to the user

Crea isn't a small print shop so they create a lot of products and it was our task to present that content in a clear and usable way to the user. We thought long and hard about the site’s structure to bring a more coherent and empowering user experience. The redesign also included some new features, each posing a unique and significant challenge. One of these was presenting the portfolio is an attractive and engaging manner. For example the Point of Sales part alone has 13 different sections and that's just 1 of the many found throughout the site.

Centralize content

Before this major overhaul Crea had three separate websites that were hard to maintain and had outdated, non-semantic code. We decided to split the site in to three major sections namely Printing on Plastics, Packaging and Communication. Each of these sections have their own particular color code so that user clearly understands what sections he is looking at.

Web Standards

Duoh! created a semantic, lightweight markup and clean CSS layout, thereby increasing accessibility while at the same time laying out the foundation for the multilingual nature of the site for the CMS.

Powered by ExpressionEngine

The back-end architecture for this project is powered by ExpressionEngine, our preferred choice of CMS. Brian Warren of Be Good Not Bad assisted us in creating the back-end architecture that powers Crea. This is what Brian had to say about the project:

This project was a neat challenge because we got to take ExpressionEngine and push it in some fun and interesting ways.

One of the reason why we love ExpressionEngine so much is its flexibility and the fact that it adheres to our semantic CSS/(X)HTML templates so easily. We also created a nice how-to for a client so that they have no problem in updating the site themselves. We do that for all our clients so that they enjoy using EE as much as we do.

Crea website how-to

More screenshots about this project can be seen in our portfolio.

What we did

Information architecture, graphic design, user interface design, CSS/(X)HTML template development, and CMS implementation.


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