Advertisements for SLV-Rent

posted by Veerle Pieters
22 September 2008

Our client SLV-Rent wanted a few attractive eye-catchers for a magazine called Facts on Acts, a publication about the entertainment sector.

Design process

The idea behind this was to enlarge the logo exponentially so I could play with the overlapping colors. The result that I got from this phase defined the shape of the advertisement so that I got an idea where to put the logo and the text that needed to on there. I repeated this for the other two proposals as well.

Advertisement 1
Advertisement 1
Advertisement 2
Advertisement 2
Advertisement 3
Advertisement 3

The client liked these proposals so much that he decided to keep all three and use them randomly when advertising is needed.

What we did

Concept and graphic design


  1. 1 Tanya Delaney Fri Dec 5, 2008 at 03.22 pm

    The idea behind the logo is spectacular.  Primary colors create every other color, which makes so much sense with what SLV does.  This is a brilliant design!

    I can see why SLV wanted to keep all the ads.  They are streamlined and elegant.  My favorite ad has to be the one that is zoomed in on the logo.  Its eye-catchy and focuses the eye well, forcing the viewer to become engaged, and then to spend extra time trying to go towards the top of the ad.

    Brilliant work. I have learned much by studying this design :)

    -Tanya Delaney
    Graphic Designer