Adobe Illustrator CS4 Community Help with content from Veerle’s blog

posted by Veerle Pieters
06 October 2008

Adobe is now shipping CS4 so that means a new version of Illustrator. If we count the original numbering this version is number 14. Can't believe I had my first baby steps in Illustrator 88.

Illustrator CS4

The application itself is not the only area where shiny new features took the stage. Adobe has also launched something new called Adobe Community Help, not only for Illustrator but for all applications across the entire CS4 suite.

Adobe Community Help

This help system is a whole new direction for Adobe because as the name suggests it's not longer only Adobe that is updating the help files, it's with help from the community. In this release they are making community content available to users, along with the traditional help and other learning resources, in an integrated search. They are using Google technology called Google Custom Search Engine service to add content from the Internet. You can also comment on their content and Adobe has active community members to act as moderators by responding to comments so that they improve the user learning experience.

Adobe Community Help search example
Illustrator moderator

I'm proud to say that Adobe also asked me to be an Illustrator moderator. If you are wondering what a moderator does the following list should give you a better idea.

  • Links to external websites in Help
  • Inclusion of external websites in search results, through the Google Custom Search Engine service
  • Inclusion of non-Adobe personnel in the group of folks with the ability to moderate LiveDocs comments and submit to the search engine.

It was with sadness in my heart that I had to decline this offer but to be honest there are only so many hours in day. I'm already so busy with work and my blog that there isn't just any time left to help users there too. You are probably thinking what a shame but fear not I'm still going to do my fair share for the Illustrator community. The reason why I don't have time is because I'm already helping users out who e-mail me or who ask questions in the comments of my blog. I'm going to keep this up and you'll find the Adobe Community Help very useful as well because my content is included there. I'm looking forward to doing more tutorials about Illustrator CS4 on my blog so that the community can benefit from it.

Try it out

I recommend that you take it for a spin and see what you think. As time marches on, the Adobe Community Help will grow and become better and better. Don't be afraid to comment if you have suggestions for making it even better.


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