posted by Veerle Pieters
20 April 2008

On April 15th another project of Duoh! went live. When WeblogsSL approached us with this assignment it represented our first steps into the world of finance, savings and investment.

The idea behind Actibva is to be a participatory and social space to help people make the best of their financial decisions. The site is built around its users so they can contribute their knowledge through their votes, their comments and by sending in links.

Interesting challenge

The two biggest challenges we faced with this project were the subject itself, you know the financial world isn't really something most people get excited about, and the second one was the amount of content that we needed to fit in while being careful of not overwhelming the user. The interface had to be intuitive so that people would participate to make this social networking site a succes. The features, such as representation of the votes with the source logo, and stock ticker, were one of the biggest design challenges. We also created several little pixel icons to give the site a more friendly feeling.


Strict guidelines

We worked closely with WeblogsSL throughout the design and development proces to ensure that the brand identity guidelines of BBVA where followed and that we created an appropriate design and transparent user interface.

The design got picked up

The design of this site didn't go by unnoticed by some of the design galleries out there as it got picked by these:

What we did

Graphic design and user interface design. Conversion to CSS/(X)HTML was done by WeblogsSL


  1. 1 Tanya Delaney Fri Dec 5, 2008 at 07.42 pm

    This design has the look and feel of “” in the style of the votes, which makes it comfortable, intuitive, and user friendly.  I liked the layout very much.  I am not a math person and finances are terrifying for me - and this site was very easy to look at especially without fear.  Your typesetting was done splendidly. 

    Overall I have been very impressed with all of your work and as a new graphic designer fresh out of school, I still have a lot to learn.  Of all the websites I have seen, yours has taught me the most - even the sites that were supposed to teach me something.  Thank you for putting your process scans and thoughts in some of your posts as well as showing all aspects of the customer’s design.  This type of learning is invaluable.

    Thank you once again,

    Tanya Delaney